Each work by Patty West Elstrott is founded on the belief that a conscious mind pervades the natural world. The unique characteristics of our natural surroundings — including shapes, colors, and patterns — suggest that natural elements have been designed thoughtfully. Furthermore, the ability of a single atom to adapt and thrive in times of change hints that the visible world may be impacted by invisible thought.

Patty’s works are open to interpretation. Both literal and ambiguous, they represent the known and the unknown elements operating in this world.



Patty West Elstrott is a contemporary artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, she spent much of her childhood on the Louisiana State University Campus with her father, who was a chemistry professor at the school. She later attended LSU as a student and received a degree in Fine Arts. Patty describes herself as a constant seeker, and finds inspiration in both the natural and spiritual world.